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Accessibility Plan for 2015 - 2018:

This Accessibility Policy and Plan are drawn up in compliance with current legislation and requirements as specified in Schedule 10, relating to Disability, of the Equality Act 2010. School Governors are accountable for ensuring the implementation, review and reporting on progress of the Accessibility Plan over a prescribed period.

  1. We are committed to providing an accessible environment which values and includes all pupils, staff, parents and visitors regardless of their education, physical, sensory, social, spiritual, emotional and cultural needs. We are committed to challenging negative attitudes about disability and accessibility and to developing a culture of awareness, tolerance and inclusion.
  1. Cranfield Church of England Academy plans, over time, to ensure the accessibility of provision for all pupils, staff and visitors to the school.
  1. An Accessibility Plan will be drawn up to cover a three year period. The plan will be updated according to the policy review cycle.
  1. The Accessibility Plan will contain relevant actions to:
  1. The Action Plan for physical accessibility relates to the Access Audit of the School, which is undertaken regularly. It may not be feasible to undertake some of the works during the life of this first Accessibility Plan and therefore some items will roll forward into subsequent plans. The audit will need to be revisited prior to the end of each first three-year plan period in order to inform the development of the new Plan for the following period.
  1. This Accessibility Plan will be available to view on the school website.
  1. The School’s complaints procedure covers the Accessibility Plan.
  1. The Plan will be monitored through the Curriculum and the Buildings Committees of the Governors.
  1. We acknowledge that there is a need for on-going awareness raising and training for staff and governors in the matter of disability discrimination and the need to inform attitudes on this matter

Section 2: Aims and objectives 

Our aims are to:

The tables below set out how the school will achieve these aims.

Improving the Physical Access at Cranfield Church of England Academy 

Access Report Ref.




1. A11

Car parking for people with reduced mobility

Identify and clearly mark a disabled parking bay

April 2016

2. A12

Is the car parking clearly marked out, signed a, easily found and kept free from misuse?

Clearly identify and mark out all parking spaces.

April 2016

3. B08

Are ramps identified by visual/tactile information?

SW to investigate signage and position in appropriate places.

July 2016

4. B12

Are all nosings marked and/ or easily identifiable?

SW to paint edge of step by print room to clearly identify the edge of the step.

December 2015

5. C14

Are signs designed and positioned to inform those with visual impairments and wheelchair users with reduced eye-levels?

SW to audit signage and reposition as necessary / order new signs if necessary.

October 2016

6. C21 / I02

For those progressing to other parts of the building is information provided by signs, supported by tactile information such as a map or model?

SW to liaise with potential contact to develop an accurate site plan which can then be used to create a tactile plan.

December 2016

7. D10

Are there tactile signs and information for those with visual impairment?

SW to investigate signage and position in appropriate places.

July 2016

9. D19

Are telephones fitted with inductive loop couplers?

When the new system is installed to ensure both school sites are connected, ensure the system has inductive loop couplers.

September 2016

10. D20

Is a minicom available for use by people with hearing disabilities?

When the new system is installed to ensure both school sites are connected, ensure the system has a minicom.

September 2016

11. F10

If door closers/mechanisims are fitted do they provide the following: delay action closure? Slow action closure? Minimum closure pressure?

SW to investigate door closures and will arrange fitting of the mechanisms. Priority – hall doors. SW to audit all doors in the school.

Hall doors- April 2016


All other doors- July 2017

12. G09

Is the location of the disabled toilet clearly signed?

SW to purchase a sign to be placed in the entrance hall.

April 2016

13. G12

Is there an emergency call system and is someone designated to respond

There is – but the alarm is very quiet – is this working properly? SW to investigate and if necessary arrange for the repair / replacement of the system.

July 2016


Are there large print versions of information about the building?

SW to liaise with potential contact to develop an accurate site plan which can then be used to create a large print version.

December 2016

 Improving the Curriculum Access at Cranfield Church of England Academy 







Training for teachers on differentiating the curriculum.

Training for staff on delivering Quality First Teaching.

Undertake an audit of staff training requirements.

(Audit Circle)

Plan Staff workshop programme to meet these needs.

Development of staff skills to teach all groups of pupils, particularly EAL and SEND pupils.

Training and support provided by external agencies as necessary to support inclusion. Eg HI team, EYST.

All teachers are able to more fully meet the requirements of all groups of learners with regards to accessing the curriculum (Quality First Teaching).


June 2016

Increase in access to the curriculum.

Increased staff confidence in delivering Quality First Teaching (QFT).

Smooth transition into school for pupils with EAL.

Enhance liaison with university families. Utilise translation skills of staff members where necessary. Provide Welcome Workshop at the university. Additional TA support for EAL within school.

Families of children from overseas feel they understand our school. Children are supported to transition into school smoothly.

Children feel supported and make enhanced progress.


June 2016

Increased confidence and engagement of university parents with our school.

Enhanced progress for EAL pupils.

Utilising ICT to meet the needs of learners.

Train staff on the use of technology and programmes such as Education City to meet the needs of all groups of pupils, including the use of the teach English section to support EAL learners.

Implement the use of IPads for SEND Statemented pupils.

All staff are able to use technology to enhance the curriculum and ensure access to all learners.


June 2016

Increased use of technology to support QFT

Implement NUMICON to support children with mathematical difficulties.

NUMICON implemented for intervention groups and Statemented pupils.

Staff training provided.

Pupils to have enhanced confidence with maths.


June 2016

NUMICON used effectively.

All extra-curricular activities are planned to ensure, where reasonable, the participation of the whole range of pupils

Review all extra-curricular provision to ensure compliance with legislation

All extra-curricular activities will be conducted in an inclusive environment with providers that comply with all current and future legislative requirements


July 2016

Increase in access to all school activities for all pupils.

To increase availability of sensory experiences for our children.

To further develop the Green Room sensory area.

To create an outside sensory area – musical instruments.

To work in partnership with the PTA, Sports Premium Funding and Pupil Premium funding to create enhanced outdoor play areas.

Children can access sensory experiences which will enhance their learning.

Children can access additional play areas to develop motor skills.


December 2016

Increase access to sensory and motor skill activities.

Classrooms are organised to promote the participation and independence of all pupils

Review and implement a preferred layout of furniture and equipment to support the learning process in individual class bases

Create more Work station blue screens to allow individualised learning for those pupils who need it.

Lessons start on time without the need to make adjustments to accommodate the needs of individual pupils

Pupil can access learning in the best possible environment to support learning.

All staff


December 2015

Increase in access to the National Curriculum.

Increase access to work station learning for pupils.

Improving the Delivery of Written Information
at Cranfield Church of England Academy








Availability of written material in alternative formats when specifically requested.

The school will make itself aware of the services available for converting written information into alternative formats.

The school will be able to provide written information in different formats when requested for individual purposes

JP / Office staff

June 2016

Delivery of information to all pupils and parents is improved

Make available school brochures, school newsletters and other information for parents in alternative formats when specifically requested (translated documents where possible).

Review all current school publications and promote the availability in different formats when specifically requested

All school information available for all who request it.

Office/ JP

June 2016

Delivery of school information to parents and the local community improved

Create a video introduction to the school for the website.

To make the school information accessible for those who have difficulties reading English.

Increased accessibility to information about the school.


April 2017

Access to information about the school available to those who struggle to read English.