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Physical Education

We are proud of our Physical Education at Cranfield Academy! It is our belief that sport and physical activity enriches the lives of our children. From our sporting efforts both in and out of school we always aspire to do our very best.

Physical Education at Cranfield:

Every week, children at Cranfield participate in two hours of Physical Education. Children’s learning is based around indoor and outdoor units of games, dance, gymnastics and athletics. Up to date information detailing your child’s Physical Education for any given term can be found in the termly Curriculum Newsletters. For more information about Physical Education at Cranfield, please speak to our P.E. Leader, Miss Hubbert, or see any of the information below. To find out about how we are a proud "Active School", please click here.

Encouraging Sporting Success:

At Cranfield, we are committed to actively continuing to build on the Olympic Legacy in a variety of ways! Please find information below about how we do this at Cranfield!

Sports Ambassadors:

We are very proud to have Sports Ambassadors at Cranfield each year who proudly wear their Sport Leader t-shirts and represent and support Cranfield in a range of physical activity. Their role includes supporting Key Stage One children in external tournaments, living the Olympic sporting values we aspire to at Cranfield Academy and representing sportsmanship in all of their activity. Over the years the Sports Ambassadors have been chosen to help set up and run an activity at Sports Day as well as other school events.

Our Sports Ambassadors for 2016 – 2017: Alyssa Singh, Ridley Sofer, Esmee Bryce-Tetley, Mustafa Balakt, Max Ellis, Samuel Lambert, Ruby Jeffery, Sienna Crook, Lina Almutaira and Skylah Sharma.

Play Leaders:

Under the leadership of our Sports Ambassadors, we are very fortunate to have a fantastic team of trained Year Four “Play Leaders”. This committed and responsible group of children proudly support the younger children in participating in active and enjoyable playtimes, as well as leading activities for their peers in Key Stage Two! Play Leaders are also responsible for organising our very popular and ever-changing “Playground Crazes”! These crazes involve promoting a different activity each week to ensure that our playtimes are active and enjoyable! Favourite examples include spinning plates, bowling and hula-hoops!

Our Play Leaders for 2016-2017 are: Zac Coaker, Isla Edmond, Ridley Sofer, Alyssa Singh, Esmee Bryce-Tetley, Mustafa Balakt, Herbie Beavis, Max Ellis, Ava Hyrons, Sam Lambert, Ruby Jeffery, Rebcca Smiley, Millie Judge, Lauren Askham, Deborah Oguma, Sienna Crook, DoYoung Lim, Remana Alshahrani, Lina Almutaira, Skylah Sharma and Martha Perry.

The children’s job description, role privileges and timetable can be viewed by clicking here. We are very lucky to have this wonderful group of children. 

School Tournaments:

We are proud members of the Redborne Sports Partnership! The partnership has the following aims:

As part of our membership, we are invited to regular out-of-school tournaments as detailed below. We are proud to attend these events and promote the spirit of competition in our children. We are always proud to see for ourselves the children representing ‘Cranfield’ superbly at every event we attend.

Should your child be attending any of these tournaments, your child’s class teacher will be in touch. To view photos from these events, please do visit our galleries page regularly. We are very proud to celebrate our children’s sporting efforts!





21st September

Training for year four children at Holywell to become playleaders.

Tag Rugby

14th October 2016

Amptill Rugby Club – Year Four Tag Rugby Team.

Sportshall Athletics

10th January

Marston Vale Middle School – 2 teams of 12.

KS1 virtual competition

Spring Term

An event which will be run by the Sports Amabassadors with the support of Playleaders and school staff.

KS1 virtual competition

Summer Term

An event which will be run by the Sports Amabassadors with the support of Playleaders and school staff.

Gymnastics KS1

3rd February


Quadkicks KS2

20th April

Holywell Middle – A range of athletic skill based acitvities. 2 teams or one class.

Kwik Cricket

25th May

Amptill Cricket Club – 2 year four teams


7th June


More information about the Redborne Sports Partnership can be found by clicking here.

Gold Kitemark:

As a result of our continued sporting efforts, we are very proud to have been awarded the Sainsbury’s School Games Gold Award. This award demonstrates our commitment to sporting triumph in our school and the wider community. We are very proud of it! We are very proud of it for the second year running! We hope to maintain this in future.

Sainsbury's Sports Vouchers:

Each year, we collect Sainsburys vouchers. They make a significant difference to our sport supplies. Please look out for letters and newsletters reminding you of this. We appreciate as many as possible!

Click here to find out about Cranfield Church of England Academy's Sports Premium.