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ArtsMark Gold Award Achieved

Cranfield Church of England Academy has been awarded the Artsmark Gold Award by the Arts Council England. 

In 2016 to 2017, the Academy audited the Arts Provision in school and put a wide and varied range of actions together to further enrich the artistic elements of the curriculum offered to the children. Led by our Art Leader, Mrs Taylor, our curriculum's creativity broadened even further than before - to the enhancement of the children's knowledge, skills and understanding of, and within, the arts. 

As a Gold Artsmark school Arts Council England celebrates our Academy's commitment to arts and cultural education at a leadership level and the opportunities embedded across our school. It recognises that our children and young people have equal opportunity to plan, experience, participate in, and evaluate a diverse range of high-quality arts and cultural activities. Our children and young people have an opportunity to further develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of arts and culture.

The award panel were impressed by the sense of commitment that our Case Study conveyed and the examples of the work we had undertaken. The establishment of a Creative Curriculum and the use of data, indicating improvements in arts subjects, were appreciated by the panel, as was the increasing confidence across the staff as a result of the enhancements to the arts CPD offer.

Our thanks to Mrs Taylor for her leadership and motivation in enriching our school's Arts provision, and to the teachers and staff who committed so readily to making Cranfield Church of England Academy, an even better place to be.