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E-Safety Advice

Staying safe online is a continuous emphasis in the Computing Curriculum of Cranfield Church of England Academy. Information about which can be viewed by clicking here.

It has been brought to our attention that the Blue Whale Challenge is a social media site reportedly leading some young people to cut themselves and in some extreme cases could be leading them to commit suicide. Intelligence would indicate that young people are approached in a chat room and then asked to take part in private chats before being given a list of tasks to complete. One of the tasks is reportedly getting young people to cut into their skin the image of a ‘blue whale’. There are concerns that the last task they are asked to do is commit suicide.

Whilst we have no direct concern within Cranfield Church of England Academy, we feel it important to make parents aware. We would caution against raising the profile of this social media site directly with your children; this may inadvertently increase its profile with them. However, as continue to do in school, general messages about the importance of staying safe online and telling a trusted adult if pupils feel uncomfortable/uneasy about any online approach are encouraged.