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How do our children feel?

Mrs Calver, PSCHE Leader, has been busy gaining the views of children across our school to a range of statements on how they feel! The results are a delight to see and are testament to the safeguarding efforts of the entire Academy team. The statements and responses to them are shown below.

  1. I feel safe in my classroom.

The majority of children feel safe in their classroom.

“I feel safe in the classroom because people are kind and help me.”

  1. I feel safe in my school.

The majority of children feel safe in school.

“I feel safe in school because there’s always someone to help me.”

“Because my Teacher and all the other Teachers make me feel safe.”

“I feel safe because I know Teachers support me.”

  1. I can talk to the adults in school if I am worried about something.

The majority of children agreed with this statement, which is fantastic.  Examples of those adults given were:  Teacher, TA, 1:1 support, parent helpers, Headteacher.

“There are Teachers that help and keep us safe inside and outside.”

“I feel safe because the Teachers value me and they listen to me when I speak.”

  1. I know someone I can talk to in school if something is worrying me.

This was strongly agreed with, which goes to show our ethos, hard work on values, worry boxes, our Cranfield Helping Hand, assemblies etc. ensure that our children know who they can talk to in school if they are concerned about something. 

  1. I know someone outside of school that I can talk to if something is worrying me.

Again, this was agreed with.  Examples given were: Parents, brothers/sisters, family, friends.

I feel safe because I have friends, Teachers and different adults.”

  1. The extra support I get in school helps me feel confident about my learning.

This was strongly agreed with! Children clearly value and appreciate it.

  1. I feel valued in school.  My opinions matter.
  2. The adults in school care about me.

Both of these statements were agreed with.  

  1. I feel safe if a attend lunchtime and after school clubs.

The majority of children agreed with this statement. The only comment given was, “I disagree because if I go to the club and there are no computers, then I have to leave”. Thank you Mrs Shehab for running a wealth of lunchtime clubs and for being so popular!

  1. My school teaches me how to be safe.


“I feel safe on all of them because I trust everyone.”

"Thank you for helping me Teachers.”

More information on Safeguarding at Cranfield Academy can be found by clicking here.