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Pupil Premium

Background Information:

At Cranfield Academy we are proud to use the income from Pupil Premium to endeavour to ensure any child who meets the criteria for the funding allocated to the school is given targeted and strategic support to learn as effectively as possible. The principles below guide our spending decisions.

Pupil Premium Proposed Expenditure for 2016 to 2017

Historical Pupil Premium Documents

What are the qualifying benefits to apply for Pupil Premium funding?

The qualifying benefits to receive free school meals are:

From September 2014, every child in Early Years Foundation Stage, Year One and Year Two will receive a free school meal. You will not have to receive a qualifying benefit for your child in any of these year groups to get a free school meal, but if you are getting a qualifying benefit, please do tell us as we will receive extra funding from the Government to support your child's education.

If you think you meet the free school meals eligibility criteria, please call the Central Bedfordshire Pupil Premium and Free School Meals hotline on 0300 300 8306. When you call to apply, please have the following information ready: