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Subject Leaders

At Cranfield Academy, we have a large group of dedicated staff who lead different elements of the Curriculum and school life.

Leadership Responsibilities Staff Member
Safeguarding Mrs Jo Dormer
Literacy Mrs Rachel Merry
Mathematics Mrs Lisa Edmond
Science Mrs Emma Massey
Religious Education Mrs Clare Hargreaves
Computing Mrs Jenny Connell
Values & Worship Mr Joseph Piatczanyn
Phonics Mrs Rachel Merry
HA+ Children Mrs Joanna Farbon
Special Educational Needs Mrs Jo Dormer
English as an Additional Language Mrs Jo Dormer
Physical Education Miss Stephanie Hubbert
Music Miss Jenny Janes
PSCHE Mrs Kerry Calver
Art & Design Mrs Anneliese Taylor
Design Technology Mrs Annaliese Taylor
French Miss Tory Hill
Humanities Miss Victoria Hutchinson
Extra-Curricular Opportunity Mrs Jess Ryan
 Should you have any questions about any of these areas, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant leader.