Our Zoned Curriculum

To ensure our curriculum is implemented effectively, with clear intentions for our children’s development and resulting in positive impact for each child, our curriculum is divided into 5 zones, as pictured below.

Cranfield Church of England Academy is a dual-site school, in which the parity and movement forwards of our curriculum is a joint effort between both sites. Working in collaborative ‘zone’ teams, with staff members from each site, each led by a member of the Senior Leadership Team serves to empower subject leadership and unite our sites better and ensure consistent expectation and drive across all zones.

Each zone’s curriculum action plan details the key priorities in the current academic year and correctly prioritised to the current needs of our curriculum’s development.

Action plans are drawn from and linked back to the Academy’s Whole School Objectives and established collaboratively within each zone. Half-termly Curriculum Zone meetings are held at the beginning of each half-term in which the team focuses on the progress of their action plan. The findings of these meetings are then brought to Senior Leadership Team meetings, ensuring excellent oversight of our broad and balanced curriculum’s intent, implementation and impact. Groups of learners attainment and progress is shown feeding through each zone as a key priority, and is monitored by our SENDCo.