Each week in school, the children come together and think about ourselves, our values and our beliefs. Thanks to a wonderful friend of our school, Rachel Foster and to Mr P, we are delighted to share with you our very special 'E-ssemblies'.

These assemblies are invitational to all and inclusive for children and adults of all faiths and none. We encourage you to sit calmly, relax and listen to the messages and thoughts given. 

Our School Song 


Dealing with Difficulties - 25th March 2020:

Just for Fun - Chocolate Cake: 

An Introduction to Hope:

 Four Candles and Three Trees - An Assembly on Hope: 

 There is Hope - Even When Things Seem Impossible:

It's Going to Be Okay:

 Surfing Through the Storm:

Keep on Going:

Be a Hope-O-Potamus:

Happiness - Monday 4th May 2020:

The Marshmallow Test - Wednesday 6th May 2020:

Happiness - The Pig of Happiness! - Monday 18th May 2020:

Made to be Me - Thursday 21st May 2020:

Happiness / End of Term - Friday 22nd May 2020:

Talking to God - Thursday 18th June 2020:

Thoughts from a Bike Ride - Friday 26th June 2020: