English as an Additional Language

At Cranfield Academy we have a number of children who attend our school as their parents are studying at Cranfield University. Many of these families have come to England to study from their home countries. This diversity enriches our school community, but also gives our school a special challenge as many of the children have little or no English. We work closely with the families to ensure these children can access our curriculum. Many of our staff have had additional training in supporting children with English as an additional language and we employ a Teaching Assistant at both sites who is responsible for planning additional support sessions for these pupils to increase the rate of progress in learning English.

  • Click here to download our Welcome Handbook for Parents of pupils with 'English as an additional language'.
  • Click here to download our 'EAL Parent Advice' Handbook.

EAL Parent Support:

What support will my EAL child receive?

How might my child's use of English develop?

How can I help my child learn English?

Should I still use our home language?

Will my child have friends who share their first language?

My child comes on the bus. Is the school responsible for this?

My child comes on the bus, how can I keep in touch with the school?

Will my child have homework?

What uniform will my child need?

What curriculum will my child follow?

Who are the leaders of my child's school?