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Fantastic Feedback!

We are fortunate to receive regular feedback from many friends and visitors of our school. These can include parents, colleagues from other schools and professional agencies, students or trainee teachers. We appreciate any feedback given to the Academy - it allows us to celebrate our successes and gain your views about our school! Please find below examples of recent feedback given to us.

Parent of Children in Reception, Year 3 and 4

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all your amazing staff! The children have all settled so well into your wonderful school and are loving their learning. Mrs Adams has been so kind and has really understood our daughter in such a short time. She is always so welcoming which we really appreciate. Miss Hubbert has stretched and encouraged our son and he is absolutely loving it! He is enjoying Maths so very much and he feels valued and encouraged. It's been amazing to see and we are so happy with his learning journey. Mrs Taylor has been so encouraging to our eldest daughter and has also really stretched her academically. We have really appreciated her kind words. All the children sing Mrs Gedny's praises! They are loving her PE classes and talk about her passion and enthusiasm! How wonderful! The ladies in Reception have all been so nice to me, understanding with my questions and very helpful which I Have really appreciated. Asking after our son when he was off sick really meant a lot to me. I also appreciate the fact that there is someone at the gate greeting us every morning. It's a small thing but speaks volumes. So thank you for that too. When we attended assembly last Friday, I had tears in my eyes. It was a delight to witness so many children being encouraged and rewarded for good progress and behaviour. I love that the school encourages and rewards good behaviour, kindness and values and good work. You are all doing an amazing job and we do indeed feel blessed to be part of the school!

Year Three Grandparent

We just want to say how much we enjoyed the performance of The Three Trees yesterday. We think all the staff involved are quite amazing. It was delightful and beautifully done. The children are so confident - singing solos and narrating. It is such a lovely story. Wow! And thank you so much for the coffee and hot cross buns afterwards. A really lovely start to Easter week!

Year Four Parent, working in a professional capacity for a filming project in school, December 2017

Please do pass our thanks - from Playtime and the Crew today - to the people involved in making this happen AND the lovely children who made us giggle so much with their answers. There were some absolutely gorgeous moments and they are a real testament to the fantastic teaching at Cranfield. From a personal perspective, it was wonderful to spend a day in the school with my colleagues, and to be able to agree with these 'strangers' when they had nothing but praise for every element of the school - the children, the staff, the buildings and the general vibe of the place. Cranfield is a genuinely lovely place to spend time! "I wish my school had been like this" one of them said.

Pre-School Parent, November 2017

I am pleased to say my daughter is thoroughly enjoying her time at Little Cranes Pre-School and is proud to say, "I go to Little Cranes, it's purple!" Her ability to remember names and daily events have massively improved as she now tells me who she has played with and what it was they were playing, also describing what activities she has done in the day. She can now tell me the days of the week and can now name some of the planets! Her ability to draw has also come on massively. My daughter always tells me of the enjoyment she gets from attending Little Cranes and gets excited to share her experiences at home with Mrs Mac. Thank you to all at Little Cranes Pre-School for creating a fun and safe place for her to express herself and develop her skills whilst making her feel comfortable to be herself. Although you expect a school to create a safe and fun environment for your child, this is not always the case, but I can truly say you have achieved this and more!

Peripatetic Music Teacher, November 2017

I just wanted to say how fantastic the children have been - at both sites. They are very well behaved, really polite and very helpful too - especially when finding my way around. The schools are lovely - it’s great that everyone is on board with what Rocksteady is all about. Thank you for being so lovely!

Pre-School Parent, November 2017

Our daughter has started expressing herself a lot more clearly - "I like cheese" - She already seems a lot more confident around other children of a similar age and is clearly very happy at Pre-School. I am delighted to see her charge into Pre-School, even if she isn't quite so keen to leave! Thank you for being so welcoming to her.

Pre-School Parent, November 2017

We have noticed how much our daughter has developed since joining Little Cranes. Most afternoons now, once we get home, we play "nursery". Our daughter is Mrs Mac..."right then my lovelies..."

Everly loves having friends and is always keen to be involved. She always talks very confidently about her time there. 

Year Two Parent, October 2017

My daughter has come home from school today excited about the wonderful day she has had. She told me today has been 'the best day ever'. Thank you for taking such pride in teaching the children that their emotional and mental well-being is an important thing and empowering them to be mindful of their own health and happiness as well as those around them. Have a fantastic weekend, I hope the staff enjoyed today as much as the children.

Leaving Parent, October 2017

I can't thank Cranfield enough.  The best thing about the village is the school and the teachers.  The girls have had so many more opportunities than we could have imagined.  I have noticed a real difference in the girls. It is an amazing school!

Pre-School Parent, September 2017

Our daughter started at Little Cranes earlier this month, it's been quite tough and emotional for her and quite stressful for us. She's now settling in after being left and we are very grateful to her teachers. We obviously put our complete trust in you whilst she is there and know that she is safe and cared for, but the addition of 'My Learning Book' is amazing. We had no idea that there were such systems!

It's so lovely to be able to see what Everly gets up to and learn more about her development whilst she is with you. We've just gone through it again tonight and it's made both myself and my husband so happy and very proud.

Visiting Trainer, September 2017

This is just a short e-mail to say a massive thank you for all the help and support you gave me today. I felt really welcome in the school and loved working with your teaching assistants, who participated with enthusiasm in the course. As I said to you, I sometimes go to schools, where nothing has been done, and no-one even offers to give me a hand. It is rare to find someone in the management team who is willing to give up their own time to help and even make me a cup of tea. I am truly grateful for all your kindness.

Key Stage Two Parent, July 2017

Can I just say what a fantastic sports day it was in KS2 yesterday! I just would like to say thank you all for organising it. I would also like to say, a huge well done to the children. I thought they coped in the heat amazingly and I never once heard any child complain. Credit goes to them and the school, I'm very proud to be a parent at the school.

Pre-School Parent of Twins, May 2017

My son doesn't get upset at the thought of going to Pre-School anymore. He regularly talks at home about what he's learnt and loves all the creative activities. I feel that he has a lovely relationship with all the staff at Pre-School and feels comfortable and safe. Thank you for all your support with him. 

I'm really pleased how quickly my daughter has settled into Little Cranes Pre-School. She regularly talks about what she has learnt and she particularly enjoys the craft activities and story time. I've noticed at home that she takes more time with her drawings / colouring in and has more control and uses her imagination and new skills more and relates to what she's learnt. Thank you for all your support with settling her into your classroom and Pre-School.

Pre-School Parent, April 2017

Myself and my husband love the online Learning Book. We attended the Workshop and we found this very helpful. It's lovely to see videos, pictures and snapshots of him at Pre-School, learning and having fun. With a few wobbly starts at his sessions, it's lovely for us, as parents to see him making friendships, not only with the children but the wonderful staff too!

Pre-School Parent, April 2017

Mrs McLachlan has been my son's Key Worker since September and he absolutely loves her. The progress he has made in every aspect is amazing and I think Mrs McLachlan has played a huge part in this. He looks forward to going to Pre-School and has even pretended to be Mrs McLachlan at home! Also, I cannot thank Mrs McLachlan enough for helping me when he was going through a phase of night terrors. She was always speaking to him about it, encouraging him and praising him when he started sleeping again. She is an amazing lady, and I know he will miss her, but I really hope my daughter can benefit from being with her! Thank you for creating such an amazing environment for our little ones.

University of Bedfordshire Staff Member, April 2017

Many schools I visit do not have the welcoming atmosphere and positive vibe I have experienced here. Our trainee teachers feel very welcome, supported and happy. They would like to stay at Cranfield for all of their placements! 

Forest of Marston Vale Community Engagement Officer, April 2017

I just wanted to say that I hope the children enjoyed yesterday as much as I did, and to pass on some feedback from the volunteers. They all commented on how well behaved the children were, and I agree. They were a credit to your school - engaged, good fun and beautifully behaved. I'll be in touch soon with some ideas for follow up activities, and I hope to meet all of the children again at some point. 

Parent, March 2017

I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you to you and the teachers and TA's who have worked so hard to give my children such a good start to their school life. We have recently attended parents evening and we are so proud of both of them. Not only are they both doing well academically, they are also displaying good values. 

It is clear how hard the teachers work to support the children and that they go the extra mile to ensure they are happy and successful learners. Please pass on my thanks to all your staff. I hope you all have a good rest over Easter.

Parent, November 2016

I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say how impressed we are of the school and particularly Mrs Merry. As a new parent to school life it is always a daunting process, choosing a school for your child and as you are aware we chose Cranfield, out of catchment for our son, as we were so impressed when we visited Saint Peter's Site. We are continually amazed at the amount he has learnt in just 8 weeks and delighted how well Mrs Merry has been able to instil the required behaviours and create a very effective 'learning through play' environment which has created a real desire in our son to learn more. Thank you for the amazing level of communication we receive and we look forward to seeing continued learning and enthusiasm for attending each day.

Parent, November 2016

I have just received the Christmas artwork that my son has created and then read the letter and as it dawned on me what you and the school have helped Dylan achieve, I am completely overwhelmed and felt I needed to thank you. My child is so happy at school, along with breakfast club and after school club. My job is extremely demanding and I had been very worried how the long hard days would be for him but the infrastructure you have in place helps both he and I achieve what we both need and most importantly allows him to be my shining little star. Once again thanks to you, Mrs Merry and the rest of the team for developing my little boy.

 Colleague from a neighbouring school, September 2016

I regularly refer to your website for guidance and as an example of best practice.

Leaving Parent, July 2016

Just wanted to say what a lovely end to our experience at Cranfield - the assembly was as ever - superb - a great celebration for our daughter and her friends. We shall miss you all at Cranfield but are so grateful of all the care, nurturing and support you have given all the children over the last 8 years - can’t believe it is that long! You have an amazing team there and deserve great praise for how you all ensure the children have such an amazing foundation on which to continue their school experience. Please pass on my thanks to everyone.

Prospective Parent, July 2016

I have been exploring your website  and I must say I am very impressed with the academic results achieved, the church link and the sharing of information for parents from each year group - fab.

 Parent, June 2016

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the team for arranging the breakfast on Father's Day. I think you could see from the turnout how popular this was with Dads and their children. This is such a valuable hub for many people within our community, so well done on that.

Colleague from a neighbouring school, June 2016

Thanks so much for your time today, I really appreciate it. Your school is amazing. I love the consistency and clarity of your approach. Looking forward to being able to do what you have done. You have given me so much to think about! 

Colleague from a neighbouring school, May 2016

Thank you for all your help and support over the last couple of years. We had our visit (Ofsted), finally, 2 weeks ago. We are now officially good!"

Values Education Trust Associate, November 2015

I saw a tweet of your newsletter on Honesty. It is terrific. Can we include it in the resources for schools on the VbE website, as inspiration/examples of good practice? There will be a good number of schools who will benefit from this. In particular, we have started working with a number of schools in Nigeria, many of whom are very focused on religion. They have just asked for exactly this type of resource. I think they will especially welcome your newsletters.

Prospective Parent, October 2015

Thank you for taking the time to show me around your lovely school on Monday morning. You gave me a really good insight into school life. Your school has a lovely homely feel to it.

Parent, October 2015

My child has blossomed in every way since starting at Cranfield, his Dad and I never thought he would come as far as this. Full credit to the amazing team of teachers and teaching assistants at Cranfield. We are very grateful.

Executive Headteacher from Devon, July 2015

Many thanks for taking time out to speak to me today, our small team are in awe of all the work that has gone into the assessments and the curriculum! We have a mountain to climb but it looks exactly what fits with our philosophy and curriculum and well worth doing.

Local Values Leader, July 2015

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the tour of your lovely school yesterday. It was inspirational and you are quite right to be so proud of what has been achieved in Values Education. I have come away with lots of ideas and am now starting to plan them out!

Parent, May 2015

I just wanted to say a big thank you for organising international week. It was a brilliant idea and my daughter loved the weeks activities. There was such a variety of things taking place and every day she came home excited to tell me about the day. The food tasting was a fantastic end to the week and it was great to see such a range of foods to try. International week summed up everything we love about Cranfield Academy. Thank you for continuing to organise these great activities and making the children look forward to school.

Visiting Headteacher, April 2015

I would just like to say that the staff at Cranfield have obviously worked hard to make the school as it is. The atmosphere across the school was just amazing, the children were all engaged and engrossed in what they were doing and I could really feel that Values education was so embedded across the school also. You may have, in Ofsted terms, been graded as 'good' but there was certainly an outstanding feel about the place.

Parent, January 2015

Thank you for the Mother's Day Breakfast. What a lovely event. All the ladies on the table I sat at mentioned how wonderful it was to have had this organised and it really was,  I'm sure there wasn't any other school holding such a morning, it was just perfect. Thank you for allowing us to share time at school with our children beaming with pride. Once again, thank you also for a well presented and organised Parents' Evening. It's always great to receive positive comments about your children, but to be given the information to ensure that we can continue to assist in their learning at school is amazing! Thank you!


Parent, January 2015

To the wonderful Caythorpe Team, WOW! What a wonderful assembly you presented to us today. The photo exhibition was amazing and we were really able to see what an amazing adventure Year Four had. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for looking after my child, he really did enjoy himself and I was amazed to hear that he had a very organised room (maybe he can learn from this and show me an organised bedroom at home!). Thanks again for making sure my child and all the other children had a safe and happy trip!

Parent, January 2015

I wanted to share with you the excellent comments from a parent who approached me this morning to inform me that she is so pleased and grateful with our school in terms of children's safety. She told me our school is the best and safest place for her child and she wishes that she had the same environment in her home country. She is also so pleased to see the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher welcoming the children and their parents to school.

Headteacher, Local Lower School, January 2015

Many thanks for the excellent presentation you put on yesterday morning. The day proved to be very fruitful and took our cluster a massive step towards consensus on assessment.

Headteacher, Local Lower School, January 2015

Just a quick note to say a big thank you to you and your team for their excellent presentation on Monday. Their knowledge and enthusiasm has really given us a boost here. 

A parent moved abroad, December 2014

We miss everyone a lot, but at the same time we are very proud to see that the teaching at the Academy has given us very well prepared kids for other environments and we are sure all the learning and enjoying you provided will provide very solid foundations for the future.

John Seamark, Cranfield Royal British Legion Chairman, November 2014

Dear Mrs Farbon, Thank you for attending the Remembrance wreath laying service. Can I also take this opportunity to thank your students that produced the poppy art work. We at the Branch were very impressed, not only with the poppy paintings but also the poems. We took the liberty and had some on display during church service. We look forward to developing our links with the school.

Year Four Parent, November 2014

Huge congratulations for a super Ofsted report, you should all feel very proud of the hard work you do and maintain. The report reads well, and with such minor improvements which you are already aware of it will certainly be an Outstanding next time. Thank you also for the parent feedback on the report, held today, your passion for the school is evident and admirable. I think you are Outstanding already!

Year One and Year Three Grandparent, November 2014

As a ‘nanny’, I attend the assemblies when my grandchildren are receiving certificates and awards etc. I really am impressed with these compared to my assemblies in the 1950’s and that of my children in the 70’s. My grandchildren are so happy at school and speak so confidently on the topics they are working on - it is a far cry from the stern education I had. This morning everyone was singing so well and all of the teachers were smiling - you really have the most amazing school.

Fourth Year Trainee Teacher, November 2014

I just wanted to thank you and the rest of Cranfield for your time and information today. It was very informative and I really appreciate your time. It was a real pleasure to come to a school that was bursting with a clear vision. All the teachers were so friendly and helpful which was lovely. I would love to come back to the school, which I'm hoping for in my last placement! I will not forget your pathways, curriculum, values and all the amazing schemes you've come up with.

Year One and Year Two Parent, October 2014

Our two are very happy at Cranfield Academy and we're so very proud of their achievements. Working in the industries we do, we’re conscious too many are quick to moan and not enough to praise, hence this email,  to highlight a ‘fab job well done’! The environment you create and the hard work you all do, deserves your very own feather on the crane.

Fourth Year Trainee Teacher, October 2014

I am writing to thank you for your inspirational lecture yesterday morning  that got me intrigued about your school and the way you mark and assess. I'm sure you've been bombarded with emails from students asking to come into your school. However, if possible, after half term i'd love to come in for a day/half day to observe as I feel it would be very beneficial for my practice.

Teacher's Pet Owners, Educational Resource Company, October 2014

What a fantastic website, we must have spent at least an hour on there looking through everything (thanks for adding Mr Wolf to your websites list :) ) - the way all school websites should be, not just a place to house the school's address.

Rachel Foster, Primary Schools Christian Worker, October 2014

I have heard such wonderful reports about your school, it was lovely to come and see for myself how good it is! The children were very polite and well behaved and I had a warm welcome.

Fourth Year Trainee Teacher, October 2014

Mrs Dormer and Mr Piatczanyn, I wanted to send you both a quick e-mail to say thank you for coming to my lecture today to talk to us about assessment at your Academy. I really feel that I learnt a lot from your lecture this morning and I now feel a bit more confident within this area.

Year Two Parent, September 2014

I just want to express my delight with my son since he has been in Year Two. His enthusiasm and attitude at home about school is delightful. My highlight this week has been whilst sitting with him supporting him during his home learning. He was asking to do more and when he said he felt 'confident' it literally melted my heart! He was really proud of the information he discovered and beamed when he informed me he thought 'Mr P will be proud.' Sincere thanks for everyone's hard work.

Toni Djukic, Rushmoor School - September 2014 - Feedback from Mentor Training in partnership with the University of Bedfordshire

I was at the mentor development day at Bedford University in July and heard you speak about Cranfield Academy. Thank you very much for your sharing good practice session - it was very useful and inspiring.

A Year 1 and 3 Parent - July 2014

Your School is unique, my children used to go to a school in the North of the county and they did not receive teaching like at Cranfield - thank you! 

A Year 3 Parent - July 2014

We just wanted to say "thank you" to you and your staff. Sports day was a wonderful day for us, not only was it the first time ever we had seen our son in action, it was also well organised and fun for the children and visitors. His school in Ireland didn't believe in parents becoming involved with activities or events within the school. So for us, it has been a wonderful school year at Cranfield Academy, a first in so many ways - Christmas plays etc, but also to see him participate and become so enthusiastic; his love of Romans and Dinosaurs and so much more! Parents who have known no different probably take all that you do for granted. We have gone from one extreme to the other, so therefore realise just how hard the school works to give the children a real mix of opportunities. Anyway, I could go on and on. Thank you! We look forward to next year.

Flitwick Leisure Centre Swimming Instructor - June 2014

I always enjoy teaching this school, the children are always polite and well mannered."

A parent moving abroad - May 2014

The school is brilliant. Your work is priceless. Thank you so much!

Central Bedfordshire Council Sports Premium Advisor - May 2014

You may be unaware but I am back working with Central Bedfordshire Council to support, advise and monitor the PE and Sport Premium funding. It is one of my many tasks to trawl all the Central Bedfordshire Schools' websites for evidence of the PE and Sport Premium. On the latest trawl I was delighted to find yours! It is outstanding and stands out amongst others...It gives me heart to find information such as the quality of yours.

University of Bedfordshire Cluster Coordinator - March 2014

I wanted to thank you and your staff for supporting our trainees to such a high standard. It was a pleasure to visit your school a couple of weeks ago. The trainees are clearly thriving at your school and that is down to the welcoming atmosphere your school has created and the fantastic support structures you have in place. The model your school has in place for Initial Teacher Training is one which we would like to see emulated in other schools. We will be recognising exemplary partnership schools and I will certainly be suggesting Cranfield as one of these!

University of Bedfordshire Lecturer - March 2014

Thank you for welcoming me in to your school today. You are a very welcoming team and your school has a vibrant atmosphere of learning.

Undergraduate entering the teaching profession - March 2014 

I cannot thank you enough for giving me the chance to gain valuable work experience in your wonderful school which has aided me in being accepted onto a teaching course.

Member of Assessment and Monitoring Team - March 2014

You have great success supporting children with significant needs in your school.

Current Parent - February 2014

I can't believe you are offering the level of support and care for my child.

 Visiting Social Worker - January 2014

I really enjoy coming to visit your school, everyone is so welcoming and the support you offer the child I am currently working with is excellent.

Educational Psychologist - December 2013

Your experience and commitment to working with pupils with additional needs is evident.

David Morton - Deputy Diocesan Director of Education

I was really impressed by your school, especially the quality of the learning environments. Do pass on my compliments to all your staff.

Penelope Woolf - Head of Primary at Espresso Education - December 2013

My colleagues and I would like to thank you for making us feel so welcome. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and learnt a great deal. It was fabulous seeing the pupils interact with the Espresso service. All the children are a credit to you. Please extend our thanks to all the teachers and pupils. 

 A Parent moving abroad - November 2013

I would like to thank all members of staff for the endless support and excellent tuition that our daughter has been recieving as well as the countless opportunities she has been presented with at Cranfield C of E Academy. I believe that she has been stretched at both an academic and personal level and we feel very lucky to have had th eopportunity to send Katie to this school.

A Prospective Parent - November 2013

Thank you for showing me around your lovely school, it is everything we are looking for in a school for our daughter.

A Visiting Colleague - November 2013

It was good to see the consistent approach your school has to introducing lessons, ensuring every pupil knows what they are learning, and why they are learning it. 

Visiting Colleagues - November 2013

The children are a credit to your school. They were able to share with us how they can improve their work and how they use the prompts for learning around the classrooms.

A Visiting Colleague - November 2013

I loved the learning powers! It is so important to teach a child how to learn.

A Trainee Teacher - November 2013

While at university this year I had to do a presentation on a particular area of interest, I chose reading, particularly group reading. This was due to my fantastic experience within your school in my previous year's placement. I thoroughly enjoyed doing group reading with the children because of your system with the AF levels and how they are used within guided reading. I also had the pleasure of attending your 'reading is succeeding' parent workshop at the start of my placement which furthered my knowledge. During my presentation I gave them a chance to use your resources within a guided reading situation, they loved them and thought they were fantastic. Consequently I had to share your link with my peers so they could create their own cards with the AF levels on, so thank you very much! Kind regards.

A Visiting Colleague - October 2013

Thank you so much for the fabulous welcome when I visited the school. I was truly impressed by the whole staff's commitment to ensuring every child's needs are met. Your arrangements for transition into the EYFS are exemplary.

Have you visited our school? Are you a previous or current parent? Would you like to give us some feedback? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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