How will Cranfield Church of England Academy support my child?

Targeted support will be provided through a graduated approach, a continuum which moves from Quality First Teaching within the classroom to individualised 1:1 support for those pupils with the most complex needs.

1.The class teacher will provide excellent targeted classroom teaching (Quality First Teaching) for your child this means that:

2. School Support

If your child continues to progress at a slower rate than their peers, and attain at a lower level despite the intervention outlined above, or continue to struggle to overcome barriers to learning, the school will identify your child as having Special Educational Needs, and will place your child on the SEN list at School Support level. This will happen in collaboration with yourself and your child. When your child is placed at School Support, the class teacher remains responsible for monitoring, evaluating and delivering provision for your child, in collaboration with yourselves, your child, other staff within school and the SENCO. Typically your child will:

At this stage the class teacher of SENCO may approach you to discuss seeking your permission to refer your child to a specialist service to enable us to understand your child’s needs better, and to be able to support them more effectively in school. These specialist services may include Speech and Language therapy, Occupational therapy, Educational Psychology, Jigsaw centre - Behaviour Support.

At Cranfield Academy we employ Cathy Hagan, Speech and language therapist to work with some of our children.

3. Specified Individual Support

For your child this would mean:

How is this support funded?

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