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“In addition to quality-first teaching, a series of interventions, programmes and systems ensure the rapid progress of all groups of pupils including the most vulnerable. The school has developed particular expertise in addressing the many needs of those children with English as an Additional Language and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. This is reflected in the outcomes for these groups of pupils, at all Key Stages."

At Cranfield Church of England Academy, we believe strongly in the absolute inclusion of all pupils in our care, regardless of their background, ability, language, gender, ethnicity, special needs or disability.

A great deal of information on the rich nature of our inclusion can be seen within this section of our website.

Mrs Dormer

Deputy Headteacher

Our Inclusion Team is led by Mrs Jo Dormer. Mrs Dormer is our Deputy Headteacher at Saint Peter’s Site and also our Academy and Pre-School’s Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator. Mrs Dormer oversees the provision offered for several groups of children. Those with special needs, those who are HA+, those who are disadvantaged and those who have English as an Additional Language.

"There is evidence of "excellent progress by pupils for whom English is an additional language (EAL) and pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND)."


Miss Pidgeon
Deputy Headteacher

Miss Colette Pidgeon is our Deputy Headteacher at Saint Paul’s Site and works closely in supporting Mrs Dormer with inclusion at Saint Paul’s. She leads the assessment and data for teaching and learning and offers insight into where provision is most effective and may best be targeted. 

Mrs Nicky Billington and Mrs Heather Rust are our Inclusion Champions (at Saint Paul’s and Saint Peter’s respectively). Both experienced and exemplar Teaching Assistants, their role is wide and varied, aiming to impact on our disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils academically, in addition to supporting social and emotional aspects of learning and development. Both Mrs Billington and Mrs Rust enrich significantly the quality of support and education offered to many of our children.

"Individualised pathways of learning guide the ambitious progress and attainment of all groups of pupils, including the most vulnerable. This is achieved through the development of our innovative system for teaching, learning and assessment - Stepping Stones, a system purchased by many other schools ..."

In addition to this provision a number of additional staff play a vital role in supporting the inclusion of pupils in school:

Mrs Nicky Billington

Inclusion Champion

Saint Paul's

Mrs Heather Rust

Inclusion Champion

Saint Peter's

Mrs Julie Davenport

SALT Support







Mrs Tracy Palmer

EAL Support

Saint Peter's

Mrs Eman Shehab

EAL Support

Saint Paul's

"Based on what we saw, pupils love the challenge of learning and show resilience. This is reflected in assessment outcomes, notably for groups who might be considered more vulnerable, such as the EAL pupils. In all the lessons we visited, pupils were very well behaved, engaged and excited about what they were learning."