Nessy Intervention

Nessy is a computer based learning programme which aims to rebuild self- confidence, rediscover self- esteem and establish a love of learning. It focuses on developing reading, writing and spelling skills. The programme is based around a highly structured, incremental system based on well established principles of learning.

Nessy learning begins with an assessment to identify areas of need. Once a student has set their own learning objectives, they watch a strategy or rule that explains using humour to reinforce memory. This knowledge is reinforced by a series of games that develop core skills in sequence: phoneme blending, word reading and spelling, rhyming and phonological skills, sentence reading, vocabulary and comprehension. Every computer game is developed to provide a multi-sensory environment that ensures success - students, see, hear, and do activities.

Learning success is motivated with rewards. Nessy programs are always set in an immersive environment, often with a story or quest to complete. This quest helps to maintain motivation and pace the learning to the student’s needs.At Cranfield Academy all children have access to the Nessy Learning Programme as part of the development of their phonics and spelling skills. Some children, who are falling behind their peers with their reading, writing or spelling, are selected to follow the Programme on a daily basis within the classroom.

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