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Caythorpe Court - Day Two

It has been an absolutely superb day here at Caythorpe Court.

Having had a good nights sleep (no really, they did!), the children woke up (some earlier than others!) ready for an exciting day ahead. 

We started our day with a breakfast consisting of porridge, cereals, toast and cooked breakfast options! The children are eating well and are amazing the adults with their independence and sensible behaviour. 

Activities enjoyed today by the groups have included:

Caythorpe Court have made significant improvements since our last visit, meaning the equipment is now even more child-friendly. This has allowed our children to have multiple goes on exercises such as climbing and zip-wire! We have been very grateful for this. In addition, all of the Cranfield team have been impressed by the friendliness and professionalism of the PGL team - who are making our children laugh, work hard and reach heights they never thought they could.  

Lunch was baguettes, fillings and a selection of salad and dinner was a feast of spaghetti bolognese, meatballs or sweet potato and dhal pie. As you can imagine, there is many a flannel wash needed after this delicious but messy feast!

Children are currently enjoying some time in their bedrooms, or for those with still energy to burn, some time to play outside. 

Tonight, the children will enjoy a disco, followed by showers for those who are yet to test the water! 

Tomorrow, we anticipate a departure of 1.00pm and a return of 3.00pm, but we will be in touch via @ClivetheCrane on Twitter. Please do share this information with other parents. If you haven't been exploring Twitter, and many of you have, please do take a look. 

Your children are inspiring us with their growth in such a short period of time. You should be very, very proud. 

Best wishes,

Mr J Piatczanyn