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Celebrating Open the Book

On Thursday 11th July 2019, a special unveiling took place of a very special 'Open the Book' Storytellers Chair. Donated by a generous and anonymous benefactor, we are delighted to use this chair to mark 19 wonderful years of Open the Book in our School! 

Each school week for 19 years, a wonderful group of volunteers have visited our school, telling children stories from the Bible, and teaching them about our Christian Values. Children love Open the Book visiting us, who for the last three years, have visited both of our school sites each week, ensuring all children in our school are able to 'Open the Book' each week. 

In today's unveiling, Reverend Hugh kindly offered a dedication of the chair, and a poem was read, written by our Open the Book Team Leader, Mr. David Foster. 

There’s been storytelling at this School from the Bible for almost twenty years,

The message of how much God loves us is what every story bears,

We thank you for the welcome we receive from each School week to week,

It is a joy for each member of the team, on Thursday’s it really is a treat,

This chair we are unveiling  is to be used for each child to connect,

So, each can recall the stories meaning , to sit and quietly reflect.

We look forward to being able to use this special chair for years to come, and are grateful to Open the Book for their love and commitment to our school and its children.  The unveiling ended with a prayer, read by our Headteacher, Mr Piatczanyn.

Father God,

We thank you for Open the Book who visit us each week.

We are grateful to them for their energy, effort and love of our school and it’s children.

Thank you for enabling them to teach us about Christian Values.

Thank you for making them apart of our family.