Our New Classes

As detailed in our ‘new class letters’ received, you are aware that we will be holding our in-school transition days on Tuesday 19th July.

On this day, children can go to their current class as normal where they will be registered. They will then be taken to their new classroom for the morning. Year Four children will spend the morning with other classroom teachers, as they have already enjoyed two days at their next school.

Please click below to view a ‘Welcome to…’ document for each of our classes next year. These documents are designed for your child to explore and feel reassured about their next, exciting adventure.

Robins Class

Wrens Class

Redwings Class

Puffins Class

Penguins Class

Parrots Class

Bluebirds Class

Blackbirds Class

Buzzards Class

Ostriches Class

Owls Class

Ospreys Class

Kestrels Class

Kites Class

Kingfishers Class