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Special Educational Needs & Disability

Children learn and develop in different ways. Teachers recognise this and use different teaching styles in the classroom to cater for various ways children learn. This means that most children will learn in the classroom without any additional support. However, sometimes children need additional support to access the curriculum for a variety of reasons. A special educational need can arise for a number of reasons.  It may be due to a disability which makes it harder for a child to use the same educational facilities that the school provides for the majority of children. For some children there may be a specific difficulty. For example they may be having problems with reading, maths or behaviour, which the school can overcome with additional provision which is formalised in a Special Educational Need and Disability Profile. This profile outlines the support and approaches which will be used with the child. If this is the case, staff at school will liaise with the SENDCO and parents to ensure appropriate provision is put in place and that all involved with the child are working together. If necessary the SENDCO will facilitate referrals to specific agencies, for example Speech and Language therapy or Occupational Therapy. If you have any concerns about your child please talk to their class teacher in the first instance.

Comprehensive information on Special Educational Needs can be seen in the SEND tab.