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Year Group Newsletters

Reception - Robins, Wrens and Redwings:

We can’t believe Robins, Wrens and Redwings have already been in school for 3 full weeks already! The children are already becoming more confident with daily routines, such as getting their own lunch and carrying their trays and organising themselves at the end of the day.  Well done children!

This week in Phonics we have continued to recap the sounds we learnt last week (s, a, t) and have also been learning the sounds ‘p’ as in pin and ‘i’ as in insect. Please do reinforce these at home. Try getting a paint brush and a pot of water and helping your child form the letters on the pavement or patio.  This helps with their fine motor skills as well. 

We have been doing lots of counting to 10 and 20 this week in Maths and have been learning to recognise numbers. When you are out and about, what numbers can your child spot? Family games such as snakes and ladders and dominoes are wonderful for helping your child to count.

As the weather changes please do make sure your child has a waterproof coat in school.  Wellies are also helpful if your child wants to play outside when it is raining. Please do make sure these are named if you choose to send some in.

Please do remember to send in any Learning at Home when it is complete – we encourage the children to share their work with the class.

Wishing you an enjoyable weekend.

Year One - Puffins, Penguins and Parrots:

We have had a super week learning about the Stone Age in our Literacy and Creative Curriculum. In Literacy we enjoyed the story ‘The Stone Age Boy’. We looked at the different punctuation and how to write contractions! Can your child tell you the story? In our Creative Curriculum we compared houses from the Stone Age to now! Can they compare your house to others?

In Mathematics we practised and further embedded our adding skills using Numicon, cubes/objects and number lines. Can you child tell you how they like to add? In our Science we practised our observation skills, observing what happened to the dinosaur in the frozen ice!

We are ecstatic for Forest School next week. Parrots will be attending on Tuesday morning, Puffins Wednesday morning and Penguins Wednesday afternoon.  The children must wear their own suitable clothing (waterproofs/coats/wellies/boots) to school and will remain in these clothes for the day, uniform is not needed. Please do let us know if you can help us for other sessions.

To develop the children's independence and confidence in Year 1, can we request you drop your child at the door of the classroom for them to enter independently with all their belongings. However if you need to speak to the class teacher please do or communicate through the Home School Link.

Year Two - Bluebirds, Blackbirds and Buzzards:

Our special visitors from Open the Book came into to share the story of Moses and the 10 commandments this week. We wonder if the children can remember any of them? Mrs Eddy read a story about respect in the Other Faith assembly which the children really enjoyed.

In our Literacy this week, we have completed our Enormous Crocodile booklets, we hope you enjoy reading them when you visit us next month for our Parent Evening consultations. The children have impressed us with their use of punctuation and their exciting adjectives! In Magic Maths, we have been learning how to use a number line to subtract – some of us counting back on our number lines and some using a 100 square.

In topic, we have started to learn about Florence Nightingale. We know where she was born and what she did. Can your child remember where the Crimean war was? Maybe you could find this country in an atlas!

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Year Three - Owls, Ospreys and Ostriches:

It has been a rather exciting and busy week for Year 3 children! The children have been challenged this week in their maths learning, and are beginning to tackle the grid method. Can your child show you an example of how to complete the grid method? In Literacy we have been continuing to developing our writing skills. Can your child remember how to use a range of punctuation accurately?

We have also been super busy this week beginning to design our Roman shields. Thank you to those who have already kindly donated large pieces of cardboard, newspapers and masking tape to allow this to happen. Please ensure that all donations are in school next week so that each child can begin the making process. 

In Science the children have continued to learn about light and shadows and next week we will be investigating materials that are opaque, translucent and transparent. Can your child find out the meanings of these scientific words… opaque, translucent or transparent and find materials or objects in your home that show these?

We look forward to receiving lots of home learning of completed projects – we know that the children are working hard at completing the tasks as we have already enjoyed sharing some of these in class!

It is almost time for parents evening. If you haven’t already, please sign up for a time slot online via Parentmail. This will ensure we are fully prepared to share how your child has settled into Year Three!

Year Four - Kites, Kestrels and Kingfishers:

This week in year 4 we have been putting our subtraction skills to the test using formal written methods, learning how to borrow correctly. Please do continue to make use of TTRockstars at home.

In Literacy, we have shown off our writing skills in our first Big Write all about a strange happening in our classroom on Tuesday night! Poor Attendance Bear had quite an ordeal!  The children were very excited on Wednesday morning and were very animated in their theories about what might have happened and who the suspects might be!

Our Crime and Punishment topic this week has taken us to the time of the ‘Torturing Tudors’, where gossiping women were punished with the scold’s bridal, and those accused of witchcraft were subjected to the ducking stool! 

Please do remember that payment for The Justice Museum is due by Friday 4th October. Mrs Calver had a pre-visit on Monday and has assured us that the children are going to love it!

 Have a lovely weekend.

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