Year Group Weekly Updates -26th November 2020

Each week, the teachers in each year group write a small update newsletter to keep parents up to date and informed on life in their child's class. These are glued in the children's Home School Link, alongside other personalised communications for all to enjoy.  If you have any questions about life in your child's class, please do speak to your child's class teacher who will be happy to help.

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Reception - Robins, Wrens and Redwings:

Dear Parents,

This week we have continued our learning about night time but with a focus on people who work at night. We were very lucky to have a visit from a fireman – Mrs Sisson’s husband. We had lots of questions to ask him and we loved finding out all about his job. 

In phonics this week we have been learning ‘v’ as in vet, ‘w’ as in wind and  ‘x’ as in fox. The children really are growing in confidence in blending and segmenting to read and write.

This week in Maths we have been learning to find one more and one less than numbers to 10 and beyond. When you have a spare moment do ask your child practical questions related to this e.g. I only took 3 forks our the drawer, please can you get me one more? How many do we have now?’ We have also been learning to identify squares and rectangles.

To finish this week we have been learning about Christingle. We wonder if the children can tell you about it?

Please do remember that tomorrow is an Inset day. We wish you a peaceful extended weekend,.

Best wishes,

Mrs Edmond, Mrs Sisson, Mrs Merry, Miss Carter and the EYFS Team

Year One - Penguins, Puffins and Parrots:

Dear Parents,

What a busy week we’ve had in school again. We have continued with our topic by reading and retelling the traditional story of Hansel and Gretel. Can the children explain to you what a traditional story is? We even sequenced and wrote it in our own words in Literacy.

In Maths we have been looking at 2d and 3d shapes and learning their names. We found the 3d shape names such as cones, cylinders, cubes, cuboids and pyramids tricky. If you can spot any 2d or 3d shapes at home this would really help support the children’s knowledge.

We have ended the week by having a special Christingle Day in class. All the children have made a Christingle to take home and we have thought about what the different parts of the Christingle mean. We will be beginning to think about the meaning of the Christmas Story in RE from next week.

Next week the children will be having their flu jabs on Wednesday, don’t forget to fill in the online form if you want your child to receive this vaccination. On Thursday we will be having our special Woodland and Fairy Tales workshop. Penguins and Puffins classes should come to school as normal. Parrots class need dropping at St. Peters site at 8.30am to meet Miss George. Collection for all three classes is as normal. A really big thank you to those parents who have paid for the workshop on ParentMail already, it is gratefully received.

Don’t forget there is no forest school next week.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Best Wishes,

Mrs Hargreaves, Miss George, Mrs Calver & Mrs Rust

Year Two Team - Bluebirds, Blackbirds and Buzzards:

Dear Parents,

This week has flown past! In Maths we have been embedding our division knowledge and developing our knowledge of different methods. We have enjoyed sharing and grouping. The little girl explains it clearly here. Next week we will learn how to do this on a number line. Thank you for continuing to practise the times tables at home.

In Literacy we have been writing a recount of George’s Marvellous Medicine. The children have loved Roald Dahl's story. We designed our own front cover before showing off our skills when writing the story. We made sure we used lots of punctuation, including commas, as well as adjectives.

In RE this week we have been learning about how to be peaceful – linking beautifully to our value. Can your child tell you how they like to be peaceful? Can you do this together? On Thursday we loved learning about Christingle with Rachel Foster. You can view this video here. I hope your child has been able to tell you all about it after today’s learning.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Townsend, Miss Hubbert & Mrs Padbury

Year Three Team - Owls, Ospreys and Ostriches:

Dear Parents,

Year 3 have immersed themselves in a wealth of learning activities this week!

Having thoroughly impressed the Year 3 teachers with their ‘Stig and Barney’ adventure stories last week, we have begun to nurture our guided reading and inference skills as well as learning how to apply the possessive apostrophe in our sentences. Next week we will look at formal letters so it would be lovely for children to be shown examples of letters, received in the post, at home.

In maths, the children have used their perseverance skills to shade fractions of shapes and to find the fractions of quantities. Can your child tell you the method that they have learned to find a fraction of an amount?

In PE, the children have been perfecting their throwing and athletic skills so as to score highly for our Dodgeball and Pentathalon virtual festival. We have some budding athletes in the making it seems!

It has been wonderful to already receive completed home learning into school.  Our learning this week on the ‘Bronze Age’ and designs of ‘Beaker Pots’ will hopefully inspire some beautifully, geometrically patterned clay creations in our topic lessons!

Wishing you all a peaceful weekend,

Mrs Adams, Mrs Connell, Mrs Eddy & Mrs Marshall

Year Four Team - Kites, Kestrels and Kingfishers:

Dear Parents,

What a lovely week we have had in Year 4 enjoying, achieving and learning.

In Literacy, the children have enjoyed learning about Alfred the Great, finding out why he was  ‘great’ and creating similes, metaphors and expanded noun phrases to describe him.

For our topic, Traders and Raiders, the children have been developing their map reading skills; looking at where the Saxons and the Vikings settled in Britain. We have also been researching why the Vikings invaded and the gods they worshiped.

In Maths Year 4 have been continuing our topic of multiplication and division. We have been learning to multiply and divide greater numbers by 10 and 100.  

We have set up Education City pathways for Year 4 in Maths, for the next two weeks we will be focusing on addition and subtraction. Please log on and give it ago. Log ins in your Home School Link books.

On Thursday, the children loved making their very own Christingle and creating a whole, class poem inspired by the Christingle itself.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,

Mrs Taylor, Miss Barker and Miss Galvin