Worship E-ssemblies

Whilst we are unable to welcome our wonderful Open the Book adults into school and join together in other acts of worship, we remain committed to delivering our Christian values, and stories of the bible in our school. Each Monday, we will meet as a school via Zoom for our Values assembly (except where pre-recorded) and on Thursday, we will 'Open the Book' on a special story and think about what it can teach us. 

The Creation Story - Genesis, Chapter 1

 Adam and Eve - The Sin - Genesis, Chapter 3

Our Final Positivity E-Ssembly - Monday 28th September 2020:

Open the Book - A Special Promise - Genesis, Chapters 6 to 8:

Open the Book - David the Giant Killer - Samuel, 17:

Open the Book - Jesus Walks on Water - Matthew, 14:22-23:

Children will need a whiteboard, pen and rubber and you may wish to model the activity alongside them!

Harvest Church Service:

Open the Book - Jonah and the Whale- The Book of Jonah:

Open the Book - a Special Remembrance E-ssembly:

Open the Book - The Start of Advent & Mary's Special Surprise:


Questions to ask at the end of Open the Book:

Open the Book - A Journey to Bethlehem and the Shepherd's Surprise:

Questions to ask at the end of Open the Book:

Our Church Christmas Service:

Open the Book - The Zooming Star:

Open the Book - Jesus in the Temple:

Open the Book - John the Baptist:

Open the Book - Jesus' Special Friends:

Open the Book - The Story of the Paralyzed Man

Norman Loves Pancakes - The Meaning Behind Shrove Tuesday

Open the Book - The Wedding at Cana

Open the Book - Feeding the 5000:

Open the Book - Palm Sunday:

Open the Book - the Last Supper & the Dreadful Day:

 Open the Book - A Happy Day - The Resurrection!:

Open the Book - Ascension:

Open the Book - Pentecost:

Open the Book - Understanding the Trinity - Part 1:


Open the Book - Understanding the Trinity - Part 2:

Open the Book - Joseph the Dreamer & Joseph the Prisoner:

Open the Book - Joseph the Ruler: