Our Christian Character


Our Christian Faith and its Values, are the foundation of all that we do at Cranfield. Our Christian Vision, Ethos and Aims are firmly embedded in our practices, the children’s behaviour towards each other and their learning and the way in which our communities interact with each other. We are proud to have an exceptionally distinctive Christian Character through our active and living knowledge of Christianity for our families and children. Our understanding of biblical teaching gives an experiential, full and rich education for our children!

We warmly welcome children, families and staff of all faiths and none. Our atmosphere of inclusivity, purpose, love and forgiveness is commented on by our staff, children, parents and visitors to our school. We celebrate and feel blessed by our cultural diversity! This is because of the strength of our Christian Character; the golden thread that runs through the heart of our school.

Worship is a foundation of our day. As we join together to worship and give thanks, a respect of personal belief is inherent. At our times of Worship we come together to...

be together,

pause and be still,

reflect and pray,

celebrate and shine,

worship and sing.

Children are invited to pray about or reflect on the stories we are sharing. Prayers or reflections can give thanks, say sorry for a mistaken choice in our interactions with others and to pray for someone else for the help and support they may need. We worship regularly with members of the Church of Saint Peter's and Saint Paul's and other friends of our school. During our Worship together, there is a great sense of respect, trust and celebration which is carried through our daily lives at Cranfield.

Our detailed policies lead our practices and have been developed between staff and governors, ensuring that they truly become embedded. All staff and Governors feel ownership of our school and the opportunity we have to make such a positive impact on our children’s lives and futures; a true privilege! As proverbs 22:6 guides us, ‘train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it’.

Through our behaviour management we commit to the Gospel’s message of forgiveness and work with children who have made the wrong choice to ‘make things right’. We support those children who would forgive their peers for the wrong doing and encourage both children in moving forward. Our active work on living and believing in our Christian Values has made instances where this happens rare. Ephesians 4:32 teaches us ‘Be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you’. Indeed, our children’s behaviour is outstanding as a result of this!

The potential for all of children to flourish is a core belief at Cranfield. Each individual child’s progress is valued and monitored closely to ensure they achieve their full potential. From our inviting learning environments to our topics that inspire awe and wonder and encourage creativity of thinking, solving and constructing, we are proud of the Christian provision of education we offer to our children.

Our Christian Friends

Our Vicar - Reverend Isaac:

"Hello! I'm Reverend Isaac, and I am the Rector of the Parish Church in Cranfield. I LOVE living in Cranfield, and I LOVE supporting the schools of Cranfield. I have the wonderful opportunity to do all the fun bits at school without any of the marking! (I used to be a teacher, so know a little bit about that.) I enjoy welcoming the children to the church to explore this special place and I love giving the children the chance to find out more about the Christian Faith. I also love coming in to the school for Collective Worship, or class visits. We have lots of fun together, and the children always ask the most tricky questions and keep me on my toes. As well as being there for the children, I see it as part of my role to be available for staff, parents, and other members of the school community should they need someone to talk to or pray with.


Our Church - St Peter & St Paul Church

St Peter and St Paul Parish Church  plays a key role in Cranfield Church of England Academy, of which we are very proud. We regularly attend worship in the church, to which parents are often invited. Reverend Isaac Pain is a regular and popular visitor to our school - both virtually and in human form! He regularly leads worship for the whole school linked to our value of the month and pro-actively contributes to our Open the Book Worship.


Visiting our Church:

For the key Christian festivals; Harvest, Christmas and Easter, we have distinctive services. In particular, at Christmas, we hold a Carol service after school where parents and other stake holders are invited to join us in celebrating the birth of Jesus. We are very proud of the singing in our school and these services are a chance to show off our talents. 

SIAMS Inspection 

Living God's Love

The National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools inspection focuses on the effect that the Christian ethos of the church school has on the children and young people who attend our school.

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The school's well-established vision is known, understood and lived by all. It enables all pupils and adults to flourish, often in life-changing ways