Paired Reading

Paired Reading was devised by Morgan (1976) to meet the needs of children who were finding reading difficult, and to involve non-professionals in helping them. He designed it to be simple to administer after the minimum of training, and flexible, in that it could be applied to any form of reading material. Essentially, it is a ‘scaffolding’ approach in which tutor and child begin by reading aloud together, and the tutor gradually withdraws and leaves the child to read aloud alone.

Topping and Lindsay (1992) reviewed dozens of studies from across the English-speaking world, and Topping (1990) himself carried out the largest evaluation, which was based in Kirklees. That evaluation covered not just one project in that LA, but 155 projects spread across 71 schools, both primary and secondary. The results consistently showed that the technique was effective,

 At Cranfield Church of England Academy children who are falling behind with their reading are selected to receive this additional support. This support is delivered by teaching assistants and some trained volunteers. The children who receive this support read aloud in school at least 3 times a week 1:1.

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