Precision Teaching


Precision Teaching is a simple but intense method of teaching aimed at helping a child to embed facts so that they can recall them and use them independently in class. It allows a high level of repetition of the facts to be learnt, and has been proven to accelerate progress. At Cranfield Academy we are using Precision Teaching to enhance known sight vocabulary, and key number facts.

Why use Precision Teaching?

Children vary in their rates of learning, how much they remember over time and in their ability to use these skills in new situations. Some children pick up skills incidentally whilst others need intensive adult support which involves breaking down the tasks into small steps and delivery through repetition or “over-learning.” Successful learning involves the acquisition of skills so that they are automatic, and can be remembered the following day – week –year. This process is called the Learning Hierarchy:

Stage 1


Stage 2

Fluency (proficiency)

Stage 3


Step 4


Step 5

Adaption/ Discrimination

 Children who have problems developing basic skills usually have difficulty with acquisition and / or fluency stages – so they cannot remember what to do to get it right, or they cannot do it fast enough to be able to do it automatically. This is what precision teaching aims to tackle!


What happens in a session?