Prevent is a government strategy designed to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorist or extremist causes. The Prevent strategy covers all types of terrorism and extremism, including the extreme right wing, violent Islamist groups and other causes.

  • Please click here to view a Parent Leaflet on Cranfield Academy's response to Prevent.
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  • Please click here to view an article on how parents can support in preventing radicalisation of their children.
  • Please click here to view the Action Counters Terrorism leaflet if you're worried someone you know is being radicalised.

Prevent - Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Prevent relate to British values?

Schools have been required to promote British values since 2014, and this will continue to be part of our response to the Prevent strategy.

British values include:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty and mutual respect
  • Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.

Please click here to find out more about British Values at Cranfield Academy.

Isn’t my child too young to learn about extremism?

The Prevent strategy is not just about discussing extremism itself, which may not be appropriate for younger children. It is also about teaching children values such as tolerance and mutual respect. This is what we will focus on at Cranfield Church of England Academy.

The school will make sure any discussions are suitable for the age and maturity of the children involved.

Is extremism really a risk in our area?

Extremism can take many forms, including political, religious and misogynistic extremism. Some of these may be a bigger threat in our area than others.

We will endeavour to give children the skills to protect them from any extremist views they may encounter, now or later in their lives.