Project X Code Intervention

Project X Code is an intervention programme that's proven to work. It is a  highly motivational character series keeps children reading as they revisit phonics skills and build key reading and comprehension skills.

After one term of Project X CODE, pupils gained an average of 8.7 months on their phonics age, and 6.8 months on their sentence reading age. (Dr Ros Fisher, Associate Professor, University of Exeter)

A research trial was run over the summer term of 2012 and the data was analysed by an independent researcher. The results indicated that Project X CODE was very successful in supporting pupils who were experiencing difficulty in reading to make more than expected progress in sentence reading, phonics and comprehension. It also indicates that the programme is motivating to otherwise reluctant readers.The reading intervention was found to have useful teaching materials that are easy to use.

Key findings:


Views of school staff:

Teachers and teaching assistants who were involved with the programme reported that.

Views of parents and pupils:

Parents reported an increase in their children’s:

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