Our Classes

At Cranfield Church of England Academy, we have two or three classes per year group, over our two sites. All our classes have their own, very special "bird" identity and the children are very proud to belong to their classes.

Early Years Foundation Stage Site Teacher(s) Teaching Assistant(s)
Wrens St Peter's Mrs Edmond

Mrs Powell

Mrs Lawrence

Mrs Carter

Mrs Zoi

Mrs Gore

Mrs Cullen

Robins St Peter's Mrs Sisson
Redwings St Paul's Mrs Merry
Key Stage One
Puffins - Year 1 St Peter's Mrs Calver


Mrs Palmer

Mrs Ankerman

Miss Bickerton

Mrs Boyles

Mrs Ferrand

Mrs Montgomery

Miss Luongo

Mrs Usher


Penguins - Year 1 St Peter's

Mrs Hargreaves

Parrots - Year 1 St Paul's Miss George
Blackbirds - Year 2 St Peter's Miss Hubbert
Bluebirds - Year 2 St Peter's Mrs Townsend
Buzzards - Year 2 St Paul's Mrs Padbury
Key Stage Two
Owls St Peter's Mrs Marshall

Mrs Farooq

Mrs Brown

Mrs Cox

Mrs Porter

Mrs Duval

Mrs Bobby

Mrs Zaremba

Mrs Billington

Mrs Hardy

Ospreys St Peter's Mrs Eddy
Ostriches St Paul's

Mrs Connell

Mrs Adams

Kites St Peter's Miss Barker
Kestrels St Peter's Mrs Taylor
Kingfishers St Paul's Miss Galvin