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Academy Parliament

Who are we?

At Cranfield Church of England Academy the Academy Parliament is made up of two representatives from each class. (The Foundation Stage children join after February half term), usually a boy and a girl chosen by their classmates. We meet about once a month with our Headteacher, Mrs Farbon, and talk about our ideas and ways we can make our school even better. We have Ministers for Education, Health and Charities. As a school we value the voice the children have and the ideas that they have.

The pupils on the Academy Parliament and their ministerial responsibilities are detailed below:

What does our job involve?

Raising money:

The Academy Parliament has raised money at school Summer fetes and Christmas bazaars and in the past has used it to buy new bins for the playgrounds, new equipment such as skipping ropes and balls for children to use on the playground and new books for the school library.

Representing our school:

We have represented the school at local events such as the opening of Holywell School (now an academy), the wreath laying parade on Remembrance Sunday, and in school taking parents around on open mornings. We have helped take decisions about the colours when the toilets were re-decorated and the design for all three tyre parks! We have been a part of the interviewing panel for our current Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher, deciding what sort of person we wanted for our school, making up our own questions and reporting back to the governors. We were very pleased by both appointments!!