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SNAP Central Beds

SNAP is a 'Parent Participation Forum' creating opportunities for parent carers to work with service providers to improve the delivery of Social Care, Education and Health Services.

A video about SNAP can be viewed by clicking here.

Who SNAP are:

SNAP's purpose is to improve services for children and young people, aged between 0 and 25 years, with disabilities and additional needs.

We are a pro-active forum of parents and carers: we work with individuals and organisations, to influence and improve the provision of local services. We focus on raising the standard of Social Care, Education and Health services in Central Bedfordshire. As we have limited resources, unfortunately we cannot offer signposting or support services.

What SNAP do:

We seek the views of all parents and carers within Central Bedfordshire in order to understand their needs and the challenges they face. We set the priorities of the forum based on information gathered.

You can be as involved as much or as little as you like, and every opinion is valued.

Get Involved:

We hold regular open meetings where you can find out more about the work of the forum and our current involvement with the services that affect the lives of our children. Our meetings are relaxed and informal, providing an environment where you can share your views and meet other parents and carers.

The more parents who join and share their experiences, the more will be able to influence services

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