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Safeguarding Pupil Survey

In the final weeks of the first half of Autumn Term, Senior Leaders spent time with representatives from each year group to discuss the children's feelings about 'Safeguarding at Cranfield'. The results are very positive and show the children's happiness in their surroundings, knowledge of how to keep safe, and ability to apply this knowledge in their daily lives.  

To further develop children's confidence, we will be exploring our Helping Hand again, in addition to embedding E-Safety knowledge in our Computing Lessons and in our E-Safety Day in February 2019. We will also be participating in 'Anti-Bullying Week' within the theme of 'Choose Respect'. In this week, we will explore with children what bullying is and how it is prevented in our school. As part of Whole School Objective 3, we are also working hard on playground improvements at both sites. Finally, a review of our Behaviour Policy will seek to ensure the continuation of outstanding behaviour in our school.