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Supporting Behaviour

At Cranfield Church of England Academy we are proud that in our 2014 Ofsted Inspection our pupils were awarded 'outstanding' for their behaviour. This is due to the excellent behaviour support and expectation from all staff at Cranfield Church of England Academy. We continue to be committed to creating a very positive and motivational learning atmosphere within the school. We believe strongly that all of our pupils have the right to learn in a safe, orderly and calm environment. 

Our Golden Rules:

Our children appreciate rules that are linked to their rights and responsibilities.  The school ‘Golden Rules’ are positively phrased, clear and visible across our school. They link clearly to our Values Education Programme. A copy is available in your child’s Home-School Link. Our Golden Rules are intrinsic in our positive school vocabulary. Our Golden Rules are:


For any questions about our Golden Rules, please do not hesitate to contact any member of staff.

Reward & Consequence Staircase:

Consistent in all of our classrooms is our Cranfield Academy Reward and Consequence Staircase enforcing positively to children that “Your behaviour is your choice”. Children receive rewards and consequences for their behaviour choices as appropriate and as detailed below.


Children are rewarded by all staff members in a variety of ways during the school day! We are proud of the breadth of praise systems and those detailed below do not provide an exhaustive list.

Consequence Staircase:

In contrast to our rewards for correct behaviour choices, the Cranfield Church of England Academy Consequence Staircase is used to provide children with five progressive levels of consequence – demonstrating to children that behaviour choices which do not follow our Golden Rules are not acceptable and will not support themselves and their peers in “enjoying, achieving and learning”. If incorrect behaviour choices are made, the next level of the Consequence Staircase is used. The Consequence Staircase begins again each lesson, ensuring that children are quickly able to adopt the correct behaviour choices and make fresh starts at the beginning of lessons.

If there are any queries about our Golden Rules, or Rewards and Consequence Staircase, please do not hesitate to contact us.