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My child comes on the bus. Is the school responsible for this?

Many of our children who have English as an additional language have parents who attend Cranfield University and as such come to school on the bus.

The school buses are organised by Central Bedfordshire Council Transport Services. When you join the school, we will support you in registering for a bus pass within the admissions process. Whilst the buses, their time keeping and any communications regarding the service are not the school’s responsibility, we will endeavor to keep you up to date with any issues involving your child’s transport. We will also meet your child off the bus in the morning and escort them to the bus in the afternoon.

There is a bus for each of our school sites – Saint Peter’s and Saint Paul’s. Please do be aware of the site your child will be attending and therefore which bus they will need to get on in the morning. The bus drivers will be able to inform you which site they drive to.

In the case of any queries regarding the buses, you can contact the relevant companies with the below information:

During the journey to and from school, the bus company does have rules which it asks the children to follow. These can be viewed by clicking here.

As an Academy, we also encourage the children to adhere to the rules shown below:

As a proud Values School, we hope that the rules outlined by the bus company will be followed easily by our children. Please be aware that should we feel that any misbehaviour will increase risk during the child's bus journey, we withhold the right to refuse entry on to the bus. In such circumstances, we would contact you to arrange collection.

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